Here in this first post I’ll show you guys the step-by-step, tests, difficulties and decisions made to finish this drawing:

Comparing Daenerys Targaryen draw in color pencil with reference picture

Comparing final draw with reference (original reference picture link here)

First of all I must say that as the objective of this drawing was the study and test the coloring process with a color pencil, I’ve just traced with pen from the reference so I wouldn’t be bothered with form and shape.

After that, I finalized the lineart with ink pen 0.5 to test the combinantion of color pencil with ink lineart. Didn’t regret it, but I’ll do another one sometime without the ink to test and compare. Also, I’ve used a 180g paper extremely smooth and no texture.


Daenerys Targaryen line art draw with ink pen
Line art complete

To start the coloring, first I’ve tested some colors on a paper to identify the colors of the reference. Picked some yellows, browns, orages and silver/grey and drew a small version to do a quick test in common print paper.

Innitially, I’ve choose: Cinnamon, light pink, silver, light brown, dark brown. (p.s. I’m using a 48 color set of Faber Castell)

Then I did an underpainting with cinnamon, accordling with some videos and tutorials I’ve seen. I’ve learned that there are some processes in which first a light color is used all over the surface of that color, and then a sequence layers of darker colors is applied, then you return to the lightest. The other process applies an underpainting of darker or complementary color slightly pressed to define the shadow areas. I think I’m more confortable using the last one to have a feeling about the volume of the drawing.

Daenerys Targaryen line art draw with ink pen and shadows


The first part to color was the hair. On the lineart definition I’ve blocked some areas of hair in which the strands had similar shape and direction giving a specific shadowing to that area. It was a little hard to choose the colors for her hair. Daenerys is blonde, but her hair is extremelly light blonde almost white with silver/grey shadows (“flaxen blonde” as I’ve searched). With the colors I’ve chosen to start coloring some areas applying silver tone on top of the cinnamon and expanding the shadows with it, then light brown almost all over the area leaving some white area for highlights. Repeated the layering of those colors some times.

Daenerys hair with color pencil first step

After that I’ve became a little insecury about the colors, so I used a painting software to pick some colors of many areas of the reference, just do see the range of tones and compare tom y color selection.


Using painting software to pick colors from Daenerys Targaryen reference picture
Reference colors

In general I was right.. more or less the same color for the skin and for the hair, but a little more warm colors for the skin and the hair a little pale. With this, I’ve added the light pink to some lighter areas of the hair.

Then I’ve fished all the hair, and during the process also add another color (lemon yellow) next to some hightlights of the hair.

Close on Daenerys hair - final colors choose


Daenerys targaryen draw with hair complete in color pencil
Finished Daenerys hair

The obstacle to color the face skin is that it is a large area to apply the colors and with great variations in the form. Rethinking the colors, I’ve added light orange and salmon, both to give more life and warm to the skin. Also add cinnamon and the pinks (ligh pink, salmon) and reds on her lips.

For her eyes, I’ve painted the black area, the base color (cinnamon) and finally dark brown next to the edges and shadows to give volume. Same colors for the eyebrow.

Daenerys Targaryen face colored with color pencil and ink lineart

Finished draw




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