Prismacolor unboxing and first drawing

Has been a while since my last post (a year at least!) and that was because I was planning how to organize this site and doing other time consuming things as well..

So, the next post I was planning was about my Prismacolor 132 color set that had arrived (yaay \o/)! Then, this post will be about the prismacolor colored pencil, and the first drawing I did with them last year.

This is my first set of some kind of professional colored pencils. I discovered these pencils several years ago and always wondered how they work. A couple of years ago, I gained a 12 set that I used just a few times, because I was focusing on learning digital art (digital painting and vetorials). But after that I started a drawing course to learn some tradicional techniques and became more and more curious about colored pencils (and watercolor)). So, I searched about them, and, well.. got very exited about it.

I needed to import it because it’s a little hard to find it here in Brazil, and when I do, it’s extremely expensive! I bought this one from e-bay for almost half the price (including the taxes) I would pay if I had bought in some brazilian online store.

Prismacolor 132 box set

I don’t have much experience with these pencils, and little experience with colored pencil in general, but I decided to buy this large set (132 colors) for many reasons. First, if I was going to import, might as well pick a large set, so I’ll not have to worry about doing this again for some time. If I run out of some color, I can always find a replacement among the others, and later on just order a new one on an international store. Second, to make sure that I will find the color I want (and that I will find the color that I need for some tutorial). I knooow that a real artist is supposed to make anything with the materials he has available, BUT having all these colors could be a way for me to judge my skills in many ways (and I’m not a real artist, I must say! XD).

unboxing prismacolor


After some tests, I made a drawing of “Iemanjá”  (a goddess of candomblé religion, called “orixás”) in my way.

Below, just some step by step shots of the drawing progress!

Iemanja goddes colored pencil prismacolorIemanja goddes colored pencil prismacolor

Iemanja goddes colored pencil prismacolor Iemanja goddes colored pencil prismacolor


Finished and framed:

Iemanja goddes colored pencil prismacolor framed


Soon I’ll make some post about colored pencils!

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