It’s been a while that I’ve been studying drawing and looking for online material (Tutorials, tips, references, inspiration), and I find a lot of good and useful stuff.

I often see the suggestion of experimenting with the material (Indian Ink, watercolor, oil painting, etc), so you get an idea of what kind of results you can get, the colors, effects and the use of paper textures.

I’m starting to do this lately, and I think these experimentations take a lot of a beginner’s time

It’s much harder than it looks. It’s basically a careful study of observation of the behavior of the material you’re using on the paper’s surface, and it’s mixture of colors.

I believe that it’d be enlightening to get to know these experiences of beginners, finding out how other people experiment and learn. And that’s what

this blog is about: Sharing everything you figure out from experimenting with different kinds of materials.

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